Do I Need a CRM ?

Do I Need a CRM ?

Posted by ideal | February 24, 2016 | category-1

**Do I Need a CRM ?

Every business is different, and some may not have the immediate need for a
dedicated CRM support staff member.
When deciding if you would benefit from a full-time CRM, consider the following:

• Do your current teams have the bandwidth to handle the duties of updating, troubleshooting and
explaining a CRM system?

• Will you have the time to properly train current employees on handling the CRM?

• What responsibilities are you looking to be handled in relation to your CRM?

Answering these questions can help you decide whether to bring in additional support.

The Benefits of a CRM

Many businesses use their IT or marketing departments to handle CRM issues,
but when problems arise, troubleshooting and administrative tasks can take time
away from their core duties.

Hiring someone who is dedicated to the success of your CRM means other departments can
focus on things that will move the bottom line. A CRM will also be deeply
familiar with all of the departments at your business and provide important support.

Training and implementation are the two most important steps to CRM success,
but many businesses don’t have the time or bandwidth to dedicate.
A CRM would take on most of the setup and dedicate time to train each department
or employee individually. Having a point person for your staff means he or she is more likely
to identify issues with the system and fix them.

A CRM can also handle security issues that often arise with this software.
There will be downtime, upgrades or features that require a close eye to make sure your customers’
information is protected at all time. One slip in security measures or updates could have a big
impact on your business and customer relations.

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