How To Create A Follow Up System For The People You Meet

How To Create A Follow Up System For The People You Meet

Posted by Aastha Desai | August 30, 2017 | CRM
CRM Need

CRM NEED: A CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM) tool is a database to record, manage and analyze client interactions and data through the life cycle.


  • Meeting People in person or virtually
  • Building relationships to establish the know. Like, and trust factor
  • Repeating the process as you continue to meet new people

To make the Process Easier

  • Create a system to nurture new contacts
  • Use the proper tools meant just for these tasks, like CRM


  • To nurture the relationship with your prospects
  • To improve business relationships with client
  • To assist in customers retention
  • To drive sales growth
  • To track email, phone, text and online conversations.


  1. Store a name and mail address in an Email Marketing Systems(EMS), Like mail chimp or constant Contact
  1. Use a list of e-mail to help prospects and future clients to learn about what you do and who you are.
  1. Remove permission to add someone to your e-mail listing in an EMS through asking clients to download a free giveaway, attend a free webinar, or to purchase one of your services or products


You’ve attended a networking event and collected quite a few business cards.

WRONG ANSWER: You can throw it in the pile with all the other visiting cards you’ve collected and done nothing.

RIGHT ANSWER: You can set up a system that you can do yourself or better yet – outsource to a virtual assistant who completes the tasks that have all been approved by you.

The information from the cards is entered into your CRM

Each contact is emailed personal emails from you via the CRM


  • your mail data grows with people who are interested in your products. They gave you permission to market it to them
  • You are building relations because you asked questions about them which showed personal interest. You made it about them not about you.


People who don’t respond to the email, Group them as  not interested

People who do respond

  • Connect with them o social media
  • Categorize them as a referral partner
  • Classify them in their industry
  • Separate them as being on your newsletter list if they signed up.
  • If at any point whether in person or over emails they were interested in your services to tag them as a warm prospect and more them to your nurturing follow-up system.

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