CRM benefits
Posted by Yesha Patel | 30 August 2017| Uncategorized

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are here to stay. But what makes this software more than just a fad? Read Some CRM Benefits below. 1. CRM is centralized databases. CRM store all your prospect information in one place. so you never need to dig through your own files to find something. 2. CRM automates Data...

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CRM Need
Posted by Aastha Desai | 30 August 2017| CRM

CRM NEED: A CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM) tool is a database to record, manage and analyze client interactions and data through the life cycle. GETTING MORE CLIENT IS ABOUT Meeting People in person or virtually Building relationships to establish the know. Like, and trust factor Repeating the process as you continue to meet new people...

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digital marketing strategy
Posted by ideal | 28 August 2017| Blog, Marketing, Sales & Marketing

Here are 10 Steps to create digital marketing strategy Setting up Goals & Objectives – Define your objectives and goals for 2017.Create S.M.A.R.T goals. Identify your customers – Find your most ideal customer and it starts with identifying potential ones. Know your Competitors – Knowing your competitors to have an upper hand in the digital space....

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website development
Posted by Khyati Padhiyar | 26 August 2017| Designing, Sales & Marketing

1. Domain Choose a name that people can remember well choose wisely(and  appropriately) whether you will,net, or something else. Choose a reliable one and look at how much capacity you need. 3. Tech Technology you use: Html5,css3, PHP, J query, JavaScript, etc. 4. purpose What is the purpose of the website: business, corporate,e-commerce,etc....

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crm software
Posted by Payal Majmudar | 10 August 2017| Blog, CRM, Sales & Marketing

One of the most critical goals for any business is to gain more and more new customers followed by repeat business from them. However, in this race, business owners often fail to understand that simply increasing the number of customers in your database won’t help stay ahead of the edge. In the world of sales...

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